About Us

About The Cave LA:

The Cave LA is an artist loft inside of the Valley Martial Arts Center in North Hollywood, CA containing 2 15×20 ft. units the multi-use Cre8ive Space and The Individual Plug/Play Studio. We currently display artwork by Lucianna Faraone Coccia, Cesar Ceja, Senseless and Adjacent. 

To enquire about booking the Creative Space for events please complete the form on our contact page.

About the Founders

Eric Benitez is a Music Producer and Manager of The Individual Plug/Play Studio. He has dedicated countless hours to develop a unique environment for musicians to create in a comfortable and inspiring setting. He spends his time producing tracks, making beats and enjoys traveling anywhere that has vast amounts of nature.  @beni__tez
Jason Strickler aka Adjacent is an Alternative Journalist, Artist, and Manager of The Cave Los Angeles. His vision is to create a better image of the San Fernando Valley through community and creativity. He focuses on working with local artists, businesses, and cultural movements to foster an era of positive change in cities all over the valley.  @adjacent_mf
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