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Sylmar based rapper LoEstate announces a full-length album dropping on May 24 on Itunes, Bandcamp, and YouTube following up his latest slew of releases.

The album titled Moon Talk, produced by “Jig in the Basement” is the duo’s rendition of boom bap hip-hop with raw flow.

“The project encompasses the impurities within oneself, ” Lo said. It will explore topics like sin and wickedness, acting as probe into the catacombs of the lyrical universe created by Lo Estate.

“Lyrically, I use a lot of metaphors, parables, and similes, but the things I want people to know, I deliver it straight forward.” He continued.

The valley music scene has been steadily gaining momentum in the local community and the internet. Jig and Lo are starting to think long term with talks of starting up a record label called Triangle People.

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