When you are living your life striving to reach opportunities, it’s not always clear what can happen next. Sometimes it’s the people we’ve worked with that can lead one to their next meaningful experience, and I’m a true believer that when we put out positive energy we receive it back.

We have some great news to share with you! Our friend and colleague has been working really hard for the past couple months on a special project.

Jasper Harris, video producer, landed an opportunity to work with Revolt TV as Editor on their latest show Anatomy of a Queen that premiered on Monday March 18.

Harris earned the role to shoot behind the scenes (BTS) after he was recommended by a DP with whom he has rapport. The shoot took place at Revolt Studios in West Hollywood in mid February.

Anatomy of a Queen stars Angela Rye, Erica Ash, Neelam, and more prominent women of color that are making history in today’s world.

“I felt grateful to be given the opportunity to work with Revolt especially Writer and Director Jennia Fredrique Aponte and Executive Producer Sol Aponte” said Harris who was building a great relationship with the Revolt crew. The relationship would grow stronger and soon lead to more trust when the executive producer asked Harris to edit the footage which he graciously accepted.

“I wanted to make it the best project I’ve worked on.” He said “and I believe I achieved that goal.” After about 10 days of editing Harris produced the cut which can be seen in the final version of the program that will be shown on TV.

If you live in CA you can watch Revolt TV on channel 291 if you have Time Warner, and channel 384 if you have Directv.

Congratulations Jasper and keep striving!

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