In Hollywood California, Astro Media Group held its first ever pop up event on September 22 as its debut as a driving force in art, music, and culture.

Taking place at The Artists Project (TAP), a creative studio dedicated to the arts, Astro Media Co-Founder Jason Strickler and TAP’s Founder Micahel Bezjian transformed the humble photography studio into an interactive playhouse for artists and content creators alike to produce their own content and experience a collective of artistry across multiple mediums.

Here are some highlights of the art displays and live performances. “If you think an event like this can bring a new type of entertainment to your community let us know so we can collaborate on a future event in your area,” said Strickler.

The art display by Toby Lee Jones and flower wall by Flaming Flower Productions were just some of the key photo areas of this event. A mural by renown artist Hans Haveron and the live performances also made a huge impact visually and enhanced the street style aesthetic of the production.

Astro Media Group is proud of what we were able to bring to our community and seeing the beautiful brown faces of our people supporting us made it all more satisfying.

Shout out to Coolhouse Radio, all the performers, volunteers, sponsors, and guests.

See you at our next event!

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Jason "Adjacent" Strickler is an entrepreneur from the San Fernando Valley and has a degree in Communication Studies with a Minor in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Northridge. Mostly known for his Photography and Journalism, Strickler is at the forefront of the cultural revolution sprouting from the San Fernando Valley and writes about Music, Art, Fashion, and Events in the valley.

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