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Northridge based rap trio ASTRO is dropping its first single to Spotify on June 8, announcing their debut on the San Fernando Valley’s music scene.

The single titled ASTRONAUT will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere you can stream music.

ASTRO would be added to the wide array of rap music being produced in “the valley” recently.

“The same genre that I record today has allowed me to understand myself more as an individual while keeping me creatively aware,” said J Cast, one of three members of ASTRO.

The San Fernando Valley is brimful with young rappers and artists making a name for themselves lyrically and instrumentally.

Yung Men, another local group has just dropped a full-length album on Spotify, and their unique sound is just what the valley needs to ascend past the prior notions that the valley has nothing to offer the greater Los Angeles area.


Aikido Notion a rap group from Sun Valley has also announced a mixtape drop this July.

Does this mean that the SFV is going to be flooded with new artists dropping music?


The SFV is known for its role in the production of pornography worldwide. ASTRO’s J Cast, Adjacent, and Qi-know are taking the mantle as the forefront of the music scene to create a better image for their populace, and to join their peers in the rap community.

ASTRO has an ace up its sleeve, and it could lead to a big win for artists in the valley who are looking for high-quality representation with music videos, and promo.

They are planning a massive event for all valley artists to showcase their talent in mid-August according to a source from ASTRO.

To learn more about upcoming music, events, and more follow Astro Media Group on Instagram.

ASTRO Media Group is a Northridge based Record Label and Content Creation Company dedicated to creating opportunities for artists, brands, and individuals centered in the San Fernando Valley.



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